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The Denver Fly Fishing Section promotes the aquatic habitat of the Colorado Rockies through the art of Fly Fishing. We are part of Denver Group of the non-profit Colorado Mountain Club, the Centennial State’s top outdoor group.

The Fly Fishing section maintains its own web site.  You can see this site at  This site lists all the rivers in Colorado, has a Colorado Fishing Atlas, helps you learn how to fish and tie flies and plan trips on a interactive wilderness map.  The site also provides hundreds of Fly Fishing  links to retailers, manufactures, stocking reports, fishing reports and general information about as aspects of fly fishing.

The Fly Fishing Section in the Denver Group of the CMC offers many activities.  To obtain a description, schedule and register for Fly Fishing Section activities click on the hot links at the end of the activities listed below and look for Fly Fishing news in the Denver Group Newsletter of the Mile High Mountaineer (see the link on the left of this page, under Newsletters)

Fly Fishing School

The Fly Fishing School is designed for beginners but can be great for those with more experience.  Basic information regarding knots, clothing, gear, stream structure, fish behavior and casting is covered in this course.  To obtain a detailed description, schedule, and register click on More Information.

Fly Tying School

The Fly Tying School is designed for beginners.  The school consists of four classes with instruction on tying tools, their usage, thread and materials attachment, fly proportions and fly finishing. Tying equipment and materials are provided in the tuition.  To obtain a detailed description, schedule, and register click on   More Information

Monthly Meetings with Guest Speakers and Educational Round Table Discussion

The Fly Fishing Section meets monthly on the third Thursday at 7 pm from March through September.  Our meetings feature guest speakers on topics such as entomology and destination hot spots.  After the main presentation a Round Table discussion (RTD) is held on specific topics like Mayflies, indicators, rigging, drag free drift and rod building.

To find out what the topic of the next guest speakers presentation and the topic of the RTD, select SPECIAL SECTIONS in the category field of the events calendar and then click SEARCH.

Seminars and Clinics

Fly Tying Seminar: In the off season, some of our more experienced fly tyers may offer evening seminars regarding specific topics or flies. The pre-requisite experience is Fly Tying School or the equivalent. Although instructional, the presence of tyers of different skill levels makes for good discussion and exchange of ideas. This is a great way to learn new skills at higher detail.

Fly Casting Clinics: These are offered periodically throughout the season to help our members improve their casting. They may cover general or specific topics relative to casting. The clinics are led by a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor with help from some of our very experienced members. Member feedback regarding these clinics has been good, and these are an excellent opportunity to improve your skills and line control.

On River Clinics: During the season, more experienced members of our Section may offer on river instruction in specific areas or techniques. These are usually designated as Instructional Trips. They may cover such topics as nymph fishing, dead drift, and dry fly fishing, to name a few. This is a perfect way to delve into details of different techniques and receive instruction from an experienced member.

To find the next seminar/clinic, obtain a description and register; select SPECIAL SECTIONS in the category field of the events calendar and then click SEARCH.

Service Projects

Service Projects have included Stream Sampling, river cleanup, hosting wounded warriors and trail work to fishing destination.

To find the next service project, obtain a description and register;    select SPECIAL SECTIONS in the category field of the events calendar and then click SEARCH.

Social Events

Periodically social events a held at local restaurants.  Once each year in the fall the Section has a Pot-Luck-Social.  Most of these social events are advertized to our section members via our section mail server.  To receive email from the section about upcoming social activities join the Fly Fishing section.  To register for the Pot-Luck-Social select SPECIAL SECTIONS in the category field of the events calendar and then click SEARCH.

Fly Fishing Trips

Our trip leaders schedule a variety of trip types.  They include:  day, camping, lodging, hiking, backpacking trips.  Most trips are day trips from metro Denver with destinations which range from desert streams to alpine lakes.  Camping trips destinations are usually destinations greater than 2 hours from Denver.   For more comfortable accommodations on extended trips, lodging is reserved by the trip leader.  A few of our trip leaders enjoy backpacking to remote wilderness destinations or hiking to distant alpine lakes.

To find the next Fly Fishing Trip select FISHING in the trip type field of the CMC trip calendar and then click on SEARCH.

Join the Fly Fishing Section in the Denver Group of the CMC

As a member of the CMC, there is no additional charge to join the Fly Fishing Section.  For a CMC membership, click here.  To join the Fly Fishing Section send an email to Denver Group Fly Fishing Director.  When your registration form is returned we will include you on our Section Mail Server and send you a roster of section members.  The Mail Server will keep you informed about trips, fishing reports, presentations, meetings, clinics, service projects and other related Fly Fishing activities and the Fly Fishing Section roster provides a great list of fishing buddies, their skill level and interests.





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