Backpacking School (BKPS)

CMC members are a cut above the average Colorado hiker.  Much of the credit goes to the CMC’s two schools that teach the basics; the Wilderness Trekking School -best for people who are primarily interested in day trips, and the Backpacking School -best for people who are interested in both day trips and overnight camping in the wilderness.  Both schools are great ways

  • to learn the skills to have a safe and enjoyable time in the mountains,
  • to meet others with similar interests, and
  • to have a great time learning.

If both hiking and backpacking are the thing for you, come join us at the Backpacking School.

Our students include people who are new to the mountains and want to learn the basics, as well as people with some experience who want to refresh, refine and reinforce their skills and link up with a community of people who share their interests.

The Denver Group Backpacking School is open to all CMC members 18 and older regardless of hiking classification, and children 15-17 accompanied by a parent or guardian. Graduating the school provides a B hiking classification and satisfies one of the requirements for a C classification.  It also satisfies a prerequisite for admission to the Basic Mountaineering School (BMS).

In the Backpacking School, you will learn:

  • what to carry with you
  • what to wear
  • what to eat
  • map and compass skills
  • off-trail travel techniques
  • snow travel skills (snow shoes and ice ax)
  • ultra-light techniques
  • basic knot tying
  • wilderness camping skills and gear
  • wilderness cooking
  • wilderness hygiene
  • leave no trace practices
  • basic first aid
  • wilderness survival
  • weather awareness
  • avalanche awareness
  • how to stay warm and safe in cold weather

2014 class starts on August 6.  

Enjoy the slide show, below, and check out the following pages to learn more about the CMC Denver Group Backpacking School.

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